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Build Enterprise Apps With Zero Coding

Create enterprise apps in minutes with our drag and drop web-based platform. Our easy-to-use system allows you to build, customise and manage mobile apps with no coding knowledge necessary.

Build with our library of widgets and create forms, workflows and rules.

Once built simply publish your app to your test devices or your user community.

Build Once & Publish to Multiple Devices

The Nutshell platform allows you to design and build mobile apps then deploy them to multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. There is no need to design for multiple devices. Your apps will automatically adjust to fit any device size.

Once built instantly deploy and update your apps at the users end with the push of a button, ensuring they are always using the most up-to date version.

Apps can be published in Live, Development or Test modes allowing you to test on a range of devices and users immediately. Dev and Test apps will have a flag added to the icon on the device to show the different modes.

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What Can Nutshell Do?

Workflows & Rules

Create workflows and apply conditional rules when building your business apps.

Cross Platform Deployment

No need to develop your app for every device. Simply create and deploy to iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows together.

Integration Services

Integrate your apps with most back-end systems.

Role Based Management

Deploy apps direct to employees on a role or user basis.

Easy Customisation

Our easy to use dashboard requires no coding skills whatsoever. Plus, make one update and it will sync across all platforms within minutes.

No Coding Required

Nutshell is a browser-based drag-and-drop app builder that lets users build custom, high-quality iOS, Android, Blackberry & Windows apps.

Cost Effective Compared to Traditional Development

An app that extracts data from a database and displays it in a simple list can be expected to take 4-8 weeks at a cost of £16,000 for a single platform. Nutshell Apps allows you to build and publish to multiple devices in minutes.

Our platform also reduces the time needed for updating and publishing updates.

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Custom Build Your App or Use Our Starter Apps & Widgets

The Nutshell platform makes it easy for anybody to build feature rich business apps. To help you get started we have provided a library of customisable apps which include expenses management, annual leave booking, incident reporting and maternity leave. Simply Integrate with back end systems and publish.

Our Widget library, which includes Google maps, calendar integration and image/video capture, can help speed up custom build.